Matkantekijät Oy:

  • SUOMEN MATKATOIMISTOALAN LIITTO RY:N (lyhennettynä SMAL ) jäsen jäsennumerolla 17395.
  • Matkantekijät Oy:n IATA ( International Air Transportation Association ) numero on 19-4 80020
  • Matkantekijät Oy on PATA Finland Chapterin jäsen ( Pacific Asia Travel Association )

Company overview

Matkantekijät Oy is considered as one of the very first and most experienced travel agencies in Finland concentrating in airline representation and Call Center services. Company´s experience dates back to registration at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Finland on February 13th 1976. 

Matkantekijät Oy:

-Member of the Association of Finnish Travel Agents (SMAL/AFTA) with registration number 17395.

-IATA (International Air Transportation Association) number 19-4 80020.

-Matkantekijät Oy - Tourplanners Ltd is a member of PATA Finland chapter (Pacific Asia Travel Association).