Matkantekijät Oy:

  • SUOMEN MATKATOIMISTOALAN LIITTO RY:N (lyhennettynä SMAL ) jäsen jäsennumerolla 17395.
  • Matkantekijät Oy - Tourplanners Ltd on merkitty KULUTTAJAVIRASTON valmismatkaliikerekisteriin.
  • Rekisteritunnus on: 3431/00/Mj Mv U Rekisteröinti antaa oikeuden harjoittaa valmismatkaliikettä MATKANJÄRJESTÄJÄNÄ ja MATKANVÄLITTÄJÄNÄ sekä ULKOMAISEN MATKANJÄRJESTÄJÄN VÄLITTÄJÄNÄ
  • Matkantekijät Oy:n IATA ( International Air Transportation Association ) numero on 19-4 80020
  • Matkantekijät Oy on PATA Finland Chapterin jäsen ( Pacific Asia Travel Association )

Company overview

Matkantekijät Oy is considered as one of the very first and most experienced travel agencies in Finland concentrating in airline Call Center services. Company´s experience dates back to registration at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Finland on February 13th 1976. Registration number is 240.026. According to this the purpose of the company is to sell and produce tours and everything involved with travelling, both outgoing and incoming. Additional activities include trading in the stock market and real state. Currently a limited number of package tours for groups as well as individuals are for sale. Consumer guarantees have been paid to the Consumer Agency &Ombudsman of the state of Finland.

Matkantekijät Oy:

-MEMBERS OF THE TRAVEL AGENCY OF FINLAND RY (abbreviated to SMAL) with accession number 17395.

-Matkantekijät Oy- Tourplanners Ltd is registered in the CONSUMER AGENCY´s package travel business register.

-The registry code is: 3431/00/Mj Mv U The registration gives you the right to carry on a package tour as a TRAVEL AGENT and a TRAVEL AGENT as well as a FOREIGN TRAVEL AGENT.

-IATA (International Air Transportation Association) number of Travelers Ltd 19-4 80020.

-Travelers Ltd is a member of PATA Finland chapter (Pacific Asia Travel Association).

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